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The High Efficiency and Resolution Canterbury University Large Echelle Spectrograph (HERCULES) has been built by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Canterbury.

HERCULES is a fibre-fed echelle spectrograph which is used in conjuction with the University of Canterbury Mt. John Observatory 1m McLellan telescope. The spectrograph is mounted on a stable optical bench and enclosed within a vacuum vessel. The entire instrument will be situated in a thermally insulated room. The light is fed to the spectrograph along 20 metre lengths of optical fibre.

The spectrograph is designed to provide continuous wavelength coverage from lamda = 380nm to lamda = 880nm in 86 orders using a 50mm square CCD. Two resolving powers of R = 35000 and R = 70000 will be possible.

Under such conditions it is envisaged that this instrument will be able to provide high precision spectroscopic observations of a variety of objects over long periods of time.

A paper decribing HERCULES has been published in Experimental Astronomy, 13, 59-76 (2002).

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