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Professor Michael Reid


Joint Head of Department
Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry
Professor of Physics


M.Sc., Ph.D.


Room 530, Rutherford

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Phone: +64 3 369-4252
Internal Phone: 94252

Postal address:
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Canterbury,
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch, 8140
New Zealand


After obtaining a PhD in this Department, I spent 1982-1985 at the University of Virginia, Department of Chemistry, working with Fred Richardson's Lanthanide Spectroscopy group.

1985-1993 were spent at the Department of Physics of The University of Hong Kong, working on aspects of lanthanide and actinide spectroscopy, and pursuing some interests in the general area of optical processes.

I returned to Canterbury in April 1993 and continued to work primarily on Lanthanide Spectroscopy and applications of symmetry principles, and optical processes.

In 1999 I spent five months of study leave in the Chemistry Divison of Argonne National Laboratory and in 2000 three months at the Debye Institute of the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. I spent 2007 on study leave based in Hong Kong.


  • PHYS205 Semester 1 Waves, Optics and Mechanics
  • PHYS 411 Advanced Quantum Mechanics


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Research Interests

  • UC Research Profile and publications
  • Personal Home page
  • Optical properties of lanthanide and actinide ("rare earth") ions in crystals.
  • General theory of optical processes.
  • Applications of group theory, particularly to spectroscopy (RACAH project).
  • Current research project: Energy levels and femtosecond dynamics of excited states of lanthanide phosphor materials (with Jon Wells and Roger Reeves)

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  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
    University of Canterbury,
    Private Bag 4800,
    Christchurch 8140,
    New Zealand.
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