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Dr Saurabh Bose


Senior Research Fellow and Principal Investigator, based with the Nanotechnology Group

2016 Marsden Fast Start grant recipient


PhD Phys, I.I.T. Kanpur, India


605, Physics and Astronomy

Contact Details

Phone:+64 3 3695226
Internal Phone: 95226


Dr. Saurabh Bose is an experimental condensed matter physicist interested in low dimensional electronic systems. His research vision is to utilize charge and spin degrees of freedom in nano-devices for technological advancement for the benefit of the society. Keeping application as the ultimate goal, he enjoys investigating physical phenomenon in quest to understand the fundamental laws governing the reality. His broad research interests are Neuromorphic systems, spin-and electronic-transport in organic-inorganic hybrid structures, and thin film heterostructures.

After completing is Doctorate from I.I.T. Kanpur, India he worked in the University of Twente, Netherlands as postdoctoral researcher for 3 years. In 2015, he moved to University of Canterbury as Postdoctoral Fellow. He is currently working as Principal Investigator on the Marsden Fast Start grant project designing and developing brain-inspired Neuromorphic devices from metal nano-clusters.


2016 Marsden Grant - recipient of a fast start grant for "Brain inspired on-chip computation using self-assembled nanoparticles."


$1m study: microchips that think like we do... Read more of Prof Simon Brown and Dr Saurabh Bose's work here

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