Health and Safety - Physics and Astronomy - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Key Contacts for Health and Safety

Emergency Telephone Numbers 

  • Fire, Ambulance, Police 111 
  • Campus Security 6111 
  • Doctor (Health Centre) 6402
  • Works and Services 6400 
Departmental Safety Committee
Owen Curnow Department Safety Officer Ext. 6819
Rm 846
Audrey Beaumier Health and Safety Administrator 6523
Wayne Smith  Building Warden 7609
Roger Reeves Academic Representative 6572
Cliff Franklin Laboratories & Radioactive Materials 7611
Karen Pollard Director of Mt John 7545
Rob Thirkettle Union Representative 6510
Rodrigo Martinez Gazoni Student Representative 7612
Field Stations    
Graeme Plank Birdlings Flat (decommissioning) 7586
Nigel Frost  Field Station Rep - Mt John 2707

Departmental Safety Rules

  1. Students and staff must wear safety glasses and laboratory coats in laboratories and workshops except for those areas which have been officially exempted from this requirement.
  2. Proper footwear must be worn in all laboratories and workshops.  The whole foot must be protected and non skid soles are recommended.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in the building.
  4. Eating and drinking in laboratories is prohibited.
  5. Work with hazardous or toxic materials must not be undertaken without proper precautions. If any doubt exists consult your supervisor or the Department Safety Officer (see contact details above).
  6. All accidents must be reported to the Department Safety Officer immediately.  This is particularly important when the circumstances leading to the accident are likely to recur.  Acquaint yourself with the first aid equipment provided.
  8. No staff or students are permitted to work in an office, laboratory or workshop with the major access door locked.
  9. Undergraduate students are not permitted to work in class laboratories outside the prescribed hours.
  10. No student or staff is to carry out experimental work in a laboratory unless a second person is within call.  No student is to work in a laboratory after 11 p.m. without written permission from a supervisor.
  11. LPG Isolation valve switches are to be turned off by the last person to leave a laboratory, after having first checked that all gas taps are closed.  This should be attended to at the end of each day and particularly in the event of emergency evacuations.
  12. No undergraduate is to leave an experiment running overnight without obtaining permission from a supervisor.  Graduate students who find it necessary to run such experiments are expected to take all reasonable precautions, and should always consult their supervisor.  An “Operating Equipment” card is to be displayed beside the equipment and at the doorway to the laboratory.
  13. Corridor doors and windows must be kept closed outside normal working hours.  You are expected to ensure that after 6.00 p.m. and during weekends or holidays the entrances to individual floors, and all ground floor windows are kept closed.
  14. Students are not permitted to carry out electrical wiring on mains powered equipment or extension cords.  These tasks should be referred to the electronics workshop.  Students may be allowed to work unsupervised on laboratory equipment supplied up to 32 volts DC or 50 volts AC or at higher voltages under the direct supervision of competent staff .
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