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Prospective Students

Welcome to physics and astronomy. The University of Canterbury is a community of many interests which we hope you will explore during your time here. As one of the larger departments at the University of Canterbury, the Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a wide range of courses with opportunities for research at the more senior levels.

We hope here to introduce you to the subjects of physics and astronomy at the University of Canterbury, the courses taught and some of the research undertaken by students and staff. This research is undertaken in the department and also at other sites around the region and in Antarctica.

We have 13 academic staff, 15 support staff, and more than 40 research students. There are several hundred students in our largest first year class, but this is taught in two (and sometimes three) lecture groups, five laboratory groups, and smaller tutorial groups. If you join this class, or another of our various first year classes, we will endeavour to ensure that you have an interesting and worthwhile time with us.

If you continue with a physics, mathematical physics or astronomy degree, we will get to know each other well. At higher levels we will introduce you to the world of research. Physics and astronomy aim to understand the behaviour of matter: from the scale of subatomic particles to that of the Universe itself. While past discoveries are of fundamental importance to science and all its applications, our disciplines offer very active and fruitful fields of research from which new technologies may emerge or answers to perplexing global problems may be gleaned.

If you want further information on courses, the policies and procedures the department follows, or about particular research areas, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for you to see the most appropriate person. We welcome your enquiries and welcome your participation: we invite you aboard.





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