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Prerequisites and Restrictions

All the 200- to 400-level courses offered by the Department have "prerequisites", and many have "restrictions". The prerequisites are other courses that must normally be passed before entry can be approved. All the 200-level courses in physics and in astronomy have a footnote attached in the official regulations that allows a high level of achievement in NCEA physics and mathematics to be used as a prerequisite. The footnote gives us the authority to decide your case on the basis of your background and in discussion with you. Whenever appropriate we take into account your desires, your future plans and your progress.

Restrictions to a course are other courses that have a substantial overlap in content. Both courses cannot be credited to the one degree.

The lists of prerequisites and restrictions contain numerous references to the various papers taught in the Department in the recent past. Seek advice from the Department if you are unsure if a particular reference applies to you.

If you are transferring to the University of Canterbury from another university, the Department will look at the courses you have completed elsewhere, and these will be translated for you into the local equivalents.

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