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Direct Entry

Direct Entry to 200-level Courses

A significant number of students are given direct entry to some 200-level papers based on gaining excellent results in NCEA level 3 physics and mathematics with calculus.

The number and range of courses available for direct entry will depend upon your interests and the pace you wish to proceed. A full direct entry would comprise PHYS203, 205, 206, and 285. A minimal course could be PHYS203 plus PHYS285 with remaining physics points being filled by PHYS102. Your options will be discussed with you at enrolment. Direct entry is also possible to ASTR211 or ASTR212.

This is a good time to mention that 200-level papers have less teaching time, and more self-study time, than 100-level papers.

Students who take some 200-level points in their first year are able to take a mixture of 100-level, 200-level and 300-level points in their second year. These kinds of possibilities emphasise the flexibility of the BSc regulations. While there are no minimum or maximum times for completion of a BSc degree, the requirement of 360 points means that even with direct entry, three years is the practical minimum.

The purpose of direct entry is not to speed the process of completing a degree. Rather, it is to give the more able an opportunity to fill a BSc or a BSc (Hons) degree with plenty of interesting, challenging and worthwhile learning. You may wish to look at the information on 400-level courses.

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