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Course Outlines

2017 - Semester One

ASTR112 Astrophysics

PHYS111 Introductory Physics for Physical Sciences and Engineering

PHYS101 Engineering Physics A: Mechanics, Waves and Thermal Physics

ASTR212 Dynamical Astronomy and the Solar System (not offered in 2017)

PHYS205 Relativistic and Quantum Physics

PHYS285 Technical and Professional Skills for Physicists

ASTR326/426 Galactic Structure

PHYS310/440 Thermal, Statistical and Particle Physics

PHYS311/441 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS326 /456 Classic Mechanics

PHYS 411 Advanced Quantum Mechanics

PHYS412 Advanced Condensed Matter

MDPH401 Anatomy and Physiology

MDPH403 Radiation Physics

MDPH404 Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection

MDPH407 and PHYS407 Research Tools (Timetable)

2017 - Semester Two

PHYS101 Engineering Physics A: Mechanics, Waves and Thermal Physics (This links to 2016 information - the 2017 information will be updated in the near future).

PHYS102 Engineering Physics B: Electromagnetism, Modern

ASTR211 Imaging the Universe

PHYS203 Relativistic & Quantum Physics

PHYS206 – EM and materials

PHYS313/443 Adv EM & Materials

PHYS323/413 Laser Physics

PHYS319/419 Atmospheric

ASTR323/425 Stellar Structure

PHYS328 – Special Topic on Atmospheric Physics

ASTR/PHYS381 Advanced Experimental Physics

PHYS415 – General Relativity

ASTR422 – Cosmology

MDPH402 – Professional

MDPH405 – Radiation Principles

MDPH406 – Medical Imaging




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