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400 Level Courses

The 400-level courses are normally taken by students in their final course-work year, which is also their first year of "graduate study". For a full-time student, who has passed all of their undergraduate courses, this would be the fourth year at university. If you are such a student you would enrol in a graduate DipSc, in an MSc part I, or 400-level BSc(Hons). If you continue to a fifth year you would be looking for full-time research towards the MSc thesis, or directly to the PhD (after the BSc(Hons)).

Each 400-level lecture course consists of 24 lectures (including tutorials), taught two lectures a week for a half year.

The relevant parts of the various diploma, honours and master's regulations are given below.

In every case the choice of courses is subject to the approval of the Head of Department. We expect all Physics and Astronomy BSc(Hons) students to include the courses PHYS203 - 206, and PHYS281, and PHYS310 - 313 in their studies. You should note that not all 400-level courses are offered every year. The 400-level handbook (see link above) gives comprehensive adivce on course selections at this level including the mathematical component..

Further advice

If you have further questions, direct them as appropriate to:

400 Level Supervisor of Studies and Postgraduate Coordinator

Assoc Prof Jenni Adams
Room 718, Ext 6581

Head of Department

Rutherford Building Room 530, DDI: +64 3 369-4252 (Internal 94252)

or any of the lecturers concerned.

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