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Date, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Past AMIDSR Events

Mackenzie Public Forum

7.30 pm Friday 30 Sep 2016

Venue: Peppers Bluewater Resort,
Lake Tekapo

Admission free!

Come and hear a panel of four experts speak about the Aoraki
Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve and answer your questions.

MC: Hon Margaret Austin

9.00 pm: Refreshments will be served.

9.30 pm (weather permitting) Come and see the wonders of the universe. Earth & Sky astronomers will have portable telescopes to show you stars, nebulae and planets (Mars and Saturn will be well placed in the western sky)

The Mackenzie Public Forum is sponsored by Peppers Bluewater resort and by Earth & Sky Ltd.


Is a dark future a bright future?

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8 Aorangi Crescent, Tekapo Community Hall

Some thoughts concerning dark skies, international heritage recognition and their potential impacts on the Mackenzie

Lake Tekapo Free public lecture

An AMIDSR event by Professor Clive Ruggles Emeritus Professor of Archaeo-astronomy, University of Leicester, UK

Date and time: Friday 24 October 2014, 7.30 pm
Venue: Lake Tekapo Community Hall, 8 Aorangi Cres

The Aoraki-Mackenzie area was recognised in 2012 as a (gold-tier) International Dark Sky Reserve because of its exceptional dark skies.

Dark sky areas can also have great significance in relation both to cultural heritage and natural heritage.

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Professor Clive Ruggles

The potential for dark sky values to be recognised as part of the wider heritage value of a place is currently being carefully assessed by bodies such as the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and ICOMOS, the body that advises UNESCO on cultural sites nominated to the World Heritage List.

But international heritage recognition can have a range of impacts, all of which have to be carefully assessed by a wide range of stakeholders.

In this talk Clive, who is the IAU's co-ordinator for the joint UNESCO–IAU Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative, will discuss in general terms the ways in which it could be possible to recognise and protect dark skies in a world heritage context.

In doing so, Clive will attempt to give a background that can inform local discussion and debate on the potential benefits and issues that could arise if the heritage values of the Aoraki-Mackenzie area, including its dark skies, were ever recognised internationally.

Second Starlight Festival

To be held at the Twizel Events Centre, 9, 10 and 11 October 2015.

Banner image courtesy of Fraser Gunn Photography, Tekapo