Third International Starlight Conference, 11 12 13 June 2012, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

11 12 13 June 2012, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

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Topics to be covered

  • Role and purpose of a Starlight Reserve
  • Public education and outreach at a Starlight Reserve
  • Starlight Reserves and astro-tourism
  • The Starlight Declaration (2007) and the right to see the stars
  • Light pollution and light pollution controls through lighting ordinances
  • The dark sky park movement, including science-based park management and related visitor experiences
  • Integrating starlight protection with protection for the landscape, ecology and biosphere
  • Radio astronomy and radio frequency interference (RFI); radio-quiet zones and RFI mitigation; the selection of sites in NZ for radio-astronomy
  • Starlight Reserves as a protection for astronomical research
  • Cultural aspects of stars and starlight in civilization and society
  • The role of the World Heritage Committee and other bodies (International Dark Sky Association, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, government departments, local government etc) in regulating and operating Starlight Reserves

The conference will be a multidisciplinary meeting, and contributions will be welcome that not only include scientific and technical aspects of starlight, but also on themes which are educational, cultural, environmental, aesthetic, legal or political. It is hoped to include astro-tourism, Maori astronomy and public outreach through star-gazing. The relationship between stars and the ecology of the nocturnal biosphere will also be discussed.


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